4 thoughts on “Cute child breastfeeding”

    1. Hi Jilynne! We’d love to help! If you tell me where you’re located I can help you find the Leader closest to you, or go to Leader and Groups to find phone numbers and other contact information for all the Leaders in the Utah and Idaho area.

  1. I’m a desperate mommy who wants to help her baby get back up to her weight. I’m in Utah County and I would love to go to a meeting or class or even just consult someone on some advice. Please reach out as soon as possible, thanks!
    A desperate Mama

    1. Hi Emily! I am so sorry that you’re struggling and we’d love to help. We have several leaders in Utah County. Click here to go to the page where all the info for how to reach a leader is located (scroll down until you see “Utah County” on the left hand side. We have a group for “Northern Utah County” and another for “Southern Utah County”).

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